Do you suffer with the "too-many-tabs" syndrome ? OneTab is the solution !

Do you suffer with the "too-many-tabs" syndrome ? OneTab is the solution !

Tabs, tabs, tabs

I always like to read stuff, and listen to podcasts.

So when i find something i'm interested in, i open a tab on my browser and i leave it there for ... later.

And then, i move on to the next thing, and i find another super article on Hashnode.

So i open a new tab, to read it ... later.

And someone on Twitter posts a link to a new podcast episode, so i open a new tab on my browser and save it for later.

And in the same time, i have to review some PRs on Github.

So i open a tab for each one, to remember to do it ... later.

And someone on Slack sends me a new Jira Card, so i open a new tab for it ...

And so on ...

Before lunch, my browser looks like this :


And if you use Chrome, you know that more and more tabs === more and more RAM.

Sometimes, my computer slows down, just because i have too many tabs...

THE SOLUTION : OneTab extension

Someone at work recommended me this extension after seeing my shared screen on a Zoom meeting ...

One Tab is an extension available for Chrome and Firefox.

Once installed, when you click on it ... tadaaaam :


It takes all your tabs and make it just one which contains the list of all your links !

And also, you can organise your links by naming the lists, so you can have a list with all your "Work" links, and another one for "Tech stuff" ...

Try it !

Here are the links to download the extension :

And their Website

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