Use Github repositories to learn new things

Use Github repositories to learn new things

Repositories are just for Code : wrong !!!

I used to think that repositories are just for code.

But i saw a lot of people using Github to share notes, links and track progression.

For example :

Coding interveiw university
Project Based learning
Awesome for Beginners
Free programming books

I tried it ... and ...

So i started to do the same , to help me track my progress on cloud related subjects.

Capture d'écran 2021-02-05 13:33:47.png

And i really like it !

Pros :

  • It's easy to update,
  • It's on my repository so everyone can see what i am currently working on,
  • I can link some code

Cons :

  • Why did i start only now ?!

And you ?

What about you ?

Do you use Github / Gitlab / you_name_it that way ?

Let me know in the comments, i'm super curious to know your habits !

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