My first contribution to open source has been merged !

My first contribution to open source has been merged !

On a previous article, i shared the fact that i submitted my first PR on a open-source project.

And guess what ? my PR has been merged :)

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What was your contribution ?

My contribution was super simple. It was on a Golang app, and the PR was about removing unused code.

Super simple :)

How did you find it ?

I used different resources to search for something i could do :

  • i wanted a project in Golang
  • i wanted a small repository where i could submit my PR and have reviews.
  • i did not wanted a big repository.
  • but the repository must be active , with active reviewers and PR merged on a regular basis

I found my issue on UpForGrabs

But you can also check these out :

And also , this super useful link from freecodecamp => it's a goldmine :)

You can do it

If i can do it, you can definitely do it :)

There are soooo many issues out there, some are super simple like the one i did. Don't think you are not good enough to start contributing.

I am now looking for my next contribution, i am gonna try something more difficult that just removing some code hahaha :)

Share in the comments your first contribution to open-source :)

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