Let's talk about shell

Let's talk about shell

Before i started to code, i used to navigate inside my computer within the graphic interface. ( i learned later it's called GUI for Graphic User Interface).

But when i started to learn how to code, everyone told me, you need to learn the command line.

So i did it, and now i spend most of my days typing commands in my terminal.

But as i was learning how to use it, i was really confused by the terms :

  • shell
  • bash
  • terminal
  • powershell

What is a shell ? What's the difference between those terms ?

What is the Shell ?

The shell is a is a command-line interpreter : it's a program that takes commands and gives them to the operating system to perform.

It is called a shell because it is the outermost layer around the operating system.

On most Linux systems, the shell program is called bash (Bourne Again SHell which is an enhanced version of the original shell program sh ).
Bash is both a shell and language.


On Windows systems, the equivalent shell program is command prompt.


What is Powershell ?

Powershell is the successor of the famous command prompt on Windows.
It's not only a shell but also a scripting language.


Every shell is different

No matter what shell you use, it's your choice.
Whatever you feel comfortable with and you can interact easily with your computer, that's fine :)
I used Powershell for some time when using Windows and i really liked it !

What are you using ?

I am on Linux most of the time.
I used the basic terminal for a long time (Bash).
Lately, i changed and i am using Tilix : gnunn1.github.io/tilix-web
I like it a lot because i can divide my terminal super easily.

What about you ?
Tell me in the comments :)

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