Hugo + Netlify = So Easy !

Hugo + Netlify = So Easy !

I deployed a website on Netlify

This website is made with the famous framework Hugo.

Who is Hugo ?

Hugo is a very popular open-source static site generator. Hugo is written in Golang.

Is it easy to use ?

Hugo is very easy to use.
I was looking for a fast and easy solution for my website.
I wanted a place to take some notes white i am studying for the AWS Developer associate certification.
I am really interested about Golang and i heard about Hugo, so i tried it.

What is Netlify ?

Netlify is a platform that offers hosting and serverless backend services for web applications and static websites.

Where to start ?

I just followed the Quick start

brew install hugo
hugo version
hugo new site <name_of_your_site>

Then i chose a theme here :

cd <name_of_your_site>
git init
git submodule add
echo 'theme = "..."' >> config.toml

Then I started to write my first post

hugo new posts/

I pushed the code to github.
And boom ! That was it !

Is it hard to deploy Hugo on Netlify ?

It’s super easy !
On the hosting and deployment section of the Hugo documentation, you can find all the details to help you deploy your Hugo app on Netlify.

Check it out :

It takes like 5 minutes to deploy your app.

And now, everytime i want to update my website, i juste have to push a new commit, and it's updated just like that :)

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