How i study to pass an AWS certification

I decided to pass the AWS Developer Associate Certification, because i worked on some pieces with AWS , but i thought all the time that i missed a lot of knowledge about AWS.

So i decided to study for it and i hope i will be ready to pass it before the end of the year.

I am studying while working so it's kinda of challenging to find the time to focus and study while you are working 5 days a week , 9 hours a day.

How to stay motivated

I use Twitter to stay motivated and focused, i use the hashtag #AWSCertified to share with other people that are also studying for a certification.

How i study

I blocked 30 minutes every day on my calendar to study.

You Can think 30 minutes is not enough, but i am starting.

My goal is to be persistent on those 30 minutes everyday, and then increase to one jour and more.

What ressources i use

I am using two mains ressources for now :

I will post my progress and struggles during the whole process if you are interested.


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