How i made my first PR on an open source project

For a long time now, i wanted to give something back.

Like, you know, i am always using open-sources libraries, and i am always happy to find super useful tools that are maintained and well-written to help me build my current tasks.

I am really impressed by people who are involved in open source projects, and i always wanted to participate.

But how ?

No level needed

I always thought that i needed to be a senior developer to be able to participate or create an open-source project.

I was wrong !

Open source is for everyone.
Of course, if you are still a student or a junior developer, perhaps, you should not choose the hardest issue to start with.

But some issues are really simple, and people are juste asking for help, because they don't have time to do it.

Where can i find projects that need help ?

I could try to make a list of all the ressources that exist outthere but freecodecamp already did it, so i suggest to check this page out :

You are going to find everything you need to start contributing to open source.

Where is your contribution ?

I found the project on Code Triage and i submitted a PR for a simple issue that needed to clean some unused code.
My PR is currently waiting a review. I'll keep you posted :)

Let me know how was your "first time" in open source contributions :) !

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