How do i feel while preparing for an AWS Certification

Like i told you in a previous post, i am currently studying for the AWS Developer Associate Certification.

How i study

At first, i blocked 30 minutes every day on my calendar to study and create a routine everyday.

After a month, i increased to 1 hour every day.

It's quite challenging while working, but i am trying to be consistent.

What i learned

At this point, here are the concepts i worked on :

  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • CloudFormation
  • CI/CD
  • X-Ray
  • Cloud9
  • and i just started DynamoDB

How i feel

I feel like i know nothing ... !

It's a lot of informations everyday, and you don't always know what is absolutely important for the exam, and what is not.

I think i am gonna try to make some exercices to complete the follow along of the videos series of ExamPro.

I will try do deploy an app on EB, from Cloud9, and then from a CloudFormation template, using only the CLI and see what i remember !

What about you ?

Let me know if you are also studying, your progress and how do you feel about your preparation :)